No Mercy Podcast

#30: GUEST: AUBREY HUFF! 2 Alphas get Drunk and Attempt to Save the World!

June 24, 2020
Tommy and Aubrey Huff tackle every issue the rest of the world is afraid to speak on! Race-baiting, Censorship, Soy Boys, Kaepernick, Brees, Religion, Politics; Aubrey’s Trevor Bauer War, Bubba Wallace Noose Scandal, Spiritual Awakenings AND MORE! This one is very uncensored and an absolute BANGER! subscribe to both this podcast & Aubrey’s new pod: Off the Cuff with Aubrey Huff, subscribe to the podcasts and follow the guys on:Twitter: @TommyG, @Aubrey_Huff, @nomercypodInstagram, @TommyGPatriot, @HuffDaddy76 @nomercypod

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