EP47: Tommy & Jeff. NFL Bets, DFS, News, Trump & more

January 17, 2019

In Episode 47 Jeff and Tommy broke down the whole NFL from a betting and DFS perspective on top of covering: Adam Gase, AB84/Emmanuel Sanders, #RefereeGate, Fanny Packs, Parenting, Trump, The Wall, Gov’t shutdown, Time travel and more!!!!


EP46: Tommy, Lab, Bod and Rob Special EP

January 16, 2019

Racism, Parenting, Virtue Signaling, Conspiracy Theories, Cloning, Sexism... you name a social topic… we covered it on this episode! Oh yeah, we also went into predictions, props and bets for this weekend’s games in the NFL. This was the first FULL Social/Conspiracy episode that you guys have been begging for.


EP45: Tommy, Jeff and The Algoholic - NFL Divisional Round

January 9, 2019

Tommy, Jeff and Rob breakdown this weekends games from a gambling and DFS perspective, covering everything from how to hedge long-shot props, which games they all like the most to bet on, score predictions for every game and tons of DFS position by position content.


EP44: Special Guest Sportscheetah

December 31, 2018

Tommy Rob and Preston break down everything you need to know about this weekends NFL wildcard games, go over SuperBowl futures, Teaser and hedging strategies and break down the New Years day College football games at the end of the pod.


EP43: Tommy G, MadLab & The Bod

December 28, 2018

Steroid talk, Jon Jones, Netflix, Who's Got a Better Instagram Account, Aliens, and More!


EP42: Tommy & The Algoholic, NFL Bets & Living in Simulation

December 20, 2018

NFL Week 16 Bets for Every Game, Josh Gordon, MVP Odds, Super Bowl Odds, Living in Simulation, Is God Real, Christmas Pet Peeves, PETA Hatred and MORE!


EP41: Tommy & Jeff Mans talk NFL DFS & Seasonal Fantasy, Nike, Trans Ms Universe, & More

December 19, 2018

In their new format of 1/2 sports and 1/2 weird news, Tommy & Jeff covered: Cam, Rodgers, OBJ, Foles, Gurley, Conner, Week 16 plays, Seasonal tips, Transgender Ms Universe, Nike racism, Snowflakes, Pirate weddings, Fk/Marry/Kills, F THAT segment and MUCH, MUCH more.


EP40: Tommy and Jeff talk NFL DFS & Seasonal, Politics, Racism, Snowflakes

December 12, 2018

Tommy & Jeff went off the rails on this episode. They started talking about Week 15 DFS, Seasonal and Gambling with some fun segments mixed in and then in the last 1/3 of the podcast went FULL NO MERCY on social issues saying and talking about the things everyone else is afraid to say! Strap on your seat-belts…… sh*ts about to get weird.


EP39: Tommy & The Algoholic

December 11, 2018

Booger McF*cktard, Week 15 bets, MKF plays, Mike Tomlin, Snowflake F*cks, Fart Jars, Thursday Night Football, Twitter Questions, Balloon Knife Guy AND MORE!


EP38: Tommy, MadLab & The Bod

December 10, 2018

Rams, Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints, Max Holloway, Kyler Wilson Tweets, Steph Curry Moon Landing Theory, Things Madlab Can Achieve, this Weekend and MORE!