EP55: NCAA TOURNEY EDITION with SportsCheetah

March 19, 2019

Special guest Preston Johnson joins Tommy and Rob to break down EVERY ANGLE of the NCAA Tournament from a gambling, prop and bracket challenge perspective! If you are watching NCAA this weekend…YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!

EP54 Tommy & Jeff Mans

March 15, 2019

Tommy & Jeff talk about every transaction made during the NFL Free Agency period, talk about some props and win totals, break down keys to identifying march madness sleepers, play a game called “Would You Rather” and identify the new no mercy theme song that will be stuck in ur head for days to come.

EP53: NCAA Conference Tourney with SportsCheetah

March 12, 2019

Tommy & Rob bring on #elitemafia alum and now ESPN expert Preston Johnson to break down every angle of the NCAA Conference tournaments from a betting perspective. They even gave some inside info on longshot betting props on who the next Bachelorette will be while Rob’s new puppy chewed through his whole house.

EP52: Tommy, Rob, Madlab & The Bod

March 6, 2019

Why the NFL Combine is ridiculous, Flat earth, The Bachelor, Game of Thrones, Boogie and the Lakers, “Would you rather” game, Rob’s tweets and much, much more.

EP51: Tommy & Jeff

February 21, 2019

Zion Williamson, Tommy’s Twitter Jail experience, Jeff’s vacation, Fraud and fake news on Twitter, Masturbation hierarchy, Manny Machado, AB/Lev Bell, tons of Rob bashing and much more!

EP50: Tommy, Rob, Lab and the Bod Valentine’s Day Special

February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day Special! The boys covered everything from what do do on V-Day, why its a sham holiday, Madlab created a new challenge to test your relationship, they spoke about how long sex should be, Tommy declared a new season starting on Feb 20th, they vented about Instagram on V-Day and much, much, more. Then they went into social and conspiracy topics from Abortion to the Moon Landing and wrapped up with some AB84 & Kareem Hunt talk before ending with the much maligned bachelor conversation. This episode should have you in tears laughing while also wondering what drugs these guys are on! Enjoy!

EP49: Tommy & Jeff, Super Bowl recap, Covington Catholic & Liam Neeson

February 4, 2019

In this episode Tommy And Jeff covered: Super Bowl bets, pats dynasty, McVay being overrated, Todd Gurley’s usage, Phil Simms, Edelman MVP and hall of fame, Jeff’s time in Atlanta, where Leveon Bell is going and more about football! Then we did a good 45 minutes on Covington Catholic kids, Liam Neeson comments, social justice warriors, protesters and tons more. On top of sneaking in a secret word for a prize that will become a weekly occurrence!

EP48: Tommy and Rob, Superbowl bets, Reptilian shape shifting & The Obama’s

January 31, 2019

This podcast has everything: EVERY Super Bowl bet you can imagine, Personal Stories, Tommy eats an apple (he’s allergic), The Vatican Conspiracy, Reptiles control the world, The Obama Conspiracy & MUCH MUCH MORE!

EP47: Tommy & Jeff. NFL Bets, DFS, News, Trump & more

January 17, 2019

In Episode 47 Jeff and Tommy broke down the whole NFL from a betting and DFS perspective on top of covering: Adam Gase, AB84/Emmanuel Sanders, #RefereeGate, Fanny Packs, Parenting, Trump, The Wall, Gov’t shutdown, Time travel and more!!!!

EP46: Tommy, Lab, Bod and Rob Special EP

January 16, 2019

Racism, Parenting, Virtue Signaling, Conspiracy Theories, Cloning, Sexism... you name a social topic… we covered it on this episode! Oh yeah, we also went into predictions, props and bets for this weekend’s games in the NFL. This was the first FULL Social/Conspiracy episode that you guys have been begging for.