No Mercy Podcast

#28: THE MATRIX IS BREAKING! QAnon, Trump & Anonymous Debates, Defunding the Police, Ideological Subversion, Danny & Mom Call In & More!

June 10, 2020

On this episode the Tommy, Bob & Kurt break the matrix.  This episode has everything! The episode begins with a good 20 minutes of laughs, impressions and chaos after a long week of blood on the streets, and is topped off by a call in from Uncle Danny and Mama G!  The show then pivots to intense debates over Q's odd transition, Trump's disappearance  & the debate over whether Anonymous is a psyop.  Tommy finds out he is legally dead as the internet attacks on him continue and the gang discusses the impending alien invasion!  Throw in Kurt and Bobby's meme war, mind control tactics of the elite, George Floyd oddities, Transurfing, JFK Jr and more!  Let us know what you think by writing a review on iTunes and follow the gang on Twitter: @NoMercyPod, @Tommyg, @Bobslessons, @TheBodNoMercy. Enjoy the show!

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