EP40: Tommy and Jeff talk NFL DFS & Seasonal, Politics, Racism, Snowflakes

December 12, 2018

Tommy & Jeff went off the rails on this episode. They started talking about Week 15 DFS, Seasonal and Gambling with some fun segments mixed in and then in the last 1/3 of the podcast went FULL NO MERCY on social issues saying and talking about the things everyone else is afraid to say! Strap on your seat-belts…… sh*ts about to get weird.


EP39: Tommy & The Algoholic

December 11, 2018

Booger McF*cktard, Week 15 bets, MKF plays, Mike Tomlin, Snowflake F*cks, Fart Jars, Thursday Night Football, Twitter Questions, Balloon Knife Guy AND MORE!


EP38: Tommy, MadLab & The Bod

December 10, 2018

Rams, Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints, Max Holloway, Kyler Wilson Tweets, Steph Curry Moon Landing Theory, Things Madlab Can Achieve, this Weekend and MORE!


EP37: Tommy & Jeff Mans

December 5, 2018

NFL News, Week 14 DFS, Bets and Gambling, Cardi B, Santa Clause, Snowflakes, PETA, Fk/Marry/Kills, Emmanuel Sanders, James Conner, Cam’s Shoulder, Kareem Hunt and more!


EP36: Tommy & The Algoholic

December 4, 2018

Week 14 NFL Thursday & Sunday Bets, Gambling Tips, Mike McCarthy, Booger and Witten, Rob’s Tweets, Best Prank Gift Sites, MKF Props for Thursday and more!!


EP35: Tommy, Lab & The Bod

December 3, 2018

Kareem Hunt, NFL MVP Race, Tyron Fury/Deontay Wilder, Todd Gurley stopping at the 1 and the NEW segment: Things Madlab can accomplish!


EP34: Special Guest Pat Mayo

November 29, 2018

Football, Millennials, Life Hacks, FMK's, Rants on Society, Success Tips... You name it, we covered it!!!


EP33: Tommy & Jeff

November 28, 2018

Tommy G & Jeff Mans go over the week 13 NFL slate, look back at week 12, talk DFS, seasonal fantasy football and answer your twitter questions all in between what amounted to about 40 minutes of talk about the male reproductive organ and where to stick it. Yeah... that happened.


EP32: Tommy G & The Algoholic

November 27, 2018

From gambling on this weeks games, to NFL rule changes, to masturbation techniques, Tommy and Rob cover it all on this episode of No Mercy.


EP31: Tommy & Jeff Thanksgiving DFS

November 21, 2018

Tommy and Jeff breakdown all the injuries, value plays and must plays for this Thanksgiving day DFS slate along with looking back at week 11.